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Reasons to buy an Al Play System


Al Play has a firm belief in unforgiving absolute quality.
This quality relates to the design, the ability for the customer to use the product and the materials used in the manufacturing of the play system


How safe is your child’s play area?

Al Play has designed the play system to enhance safety as the first building block of the play aria.
This entailed ensuring that there are no finger head hands arm feet ext. entrapments where a child could injure themselves.

Due to this Al Play complies with various Safety Standards to ensure not only design safety but also material safety.

Materials used in the construction and creation of any Al Play system is researched evaluated and chosen based on its health implications, durability, strength and lifetime of use.

 Lightweight and durability

Due to the aluminium construction of the Al Play system a completed jungle gym weighs just in excess of 110Kg or 242 Pounds.
The entire design and individual components have been stress tested by structural engineers and have been deemed safe for the intended use


Due to the modular design of the Al Play system the jungle gym can be assembled and be disassembled should the need arise.
This lends the consumer the ability to easily move the entire system in the yard or to a new location.

 Modular design

The jungle gym consists of three main components The Hub with slide, The Swing and The Monkey Bar.

All the components easily fit together and due to the nature of having a modular design Al Play will in future offer more add-on features and play areas to increase the reach of one single jungle gym.

 Safety standards

Al Play prides itself in being able to comply with the following safety standards:

  • American standard - ASTM F1148-12: Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground
  • European Standard – EN 1176 Playground equipment and surfacing (2008)
  • Australia Standard – AS 4685:2014 Playground Equipment and Surfacing
  • New Zealand Standard - NZS ISO 8124.6:2011
  • South Africa Standard – SANS 51176 (2010)


Al Play beliefs in quality as well as the founding principle of Play it simple thus the importance of the materials used to ensure safety and quality is of importance to us
Below is a brief description of the materials used in the components of every Al Play system.
Main materials include:

  • 100% UV resistant Durethan Glass Filled 30% Nylon polymers
  • LLDPE (Low Linear Density Poly Ethylene)

Other Materials:

  • Rust resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Various thicknesses of Aluminium Pipes
  • Anodising on all aluminium surfaces



AL Play Jungle was designed with certain hazards in mind as specified in ISO/IEC Guide 50 (2014) Safety aspects – Guidelines for child safety in standards and other specifications.

Therefore you have peace of mind that your children play in a safe designed jungle gym with regard to the following hazards and safeguards:


 Mechanical and fall hazards

  • Gaps and openings
  • Protrusions and projections
  • Sharp edges and points
  • Stability
  • Structural integrity (mechanical strength)
  • No moving or rotating objects


Fall and other impact injuries

  • Suffocation hazards
  • Strangulation hazards
  • Small objects hazards
  • Thermal hazards: from hot and cold surfaces
  • Chemical hazards
  • Radiation hazards: ultraviolet (UV) radiation


Adequacy of safe guards:

Product safeguards

  • Guard barriers at play deck
  • Hand rails on the climbing ladder.

Instructional safeguards - labels as part of manufacturers/supplier duty of care to inform


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