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Al Play One The full combination system

The complete Al Play One system is suitable for children below the age of 12 years and can accommodate up to 10 children for simultaneous play. The system is sold in modular components which lends the ability to purchase all modules or as necessary.  The jungle gym consists of three main components The Hub with slide, The Swing and The Monkey Bar. 

Modular Designs(hub, swing, monkey bar)

The Hub including slide

The Hub is the central and starting point for the Al Play system.
The Hub consists of a raised play deck accessible by climbing ladder.
The play deck includes a overhead roof and flows into the slide which eliminates the possibility of a tripping hazard, and includes a water feature.

The Swing set

The swing set is a simple bolt on attachment to the hub comprising of one swing with a strong and sturdy triangular footing structure.

The Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is a simple bolt on attachment to the hub built for hanging and large muscle developmental play for children


The Al Play Slide

Not just a Slide! Al Play Slides are safe fun durable and various colours available.
The first slide including a 3 year limited guarantee!

A white slide is 15ºC cooler than other darker colours in full sun

  • First SABS approved Slide in South Africa
  • Free integrated water feature
  • No colour residue rub off on clothing
  • Top grade polymer construction
  • Excellent life span even under high use
  • UV resistant
  • Complies with the safety requirements of the USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
Standard Colours Available Lime Green, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and White
Special Colours Available Dark Blue, Pink and Dark Green


The Al Play connecting Knuckle is adaptable to various uses, this lends that Al Play can change the designs of the products and use it for other purposes as well.
Only 100% UV resistant Durethan Glass Filled 30% Nylon polymers are used in the manufacturing of the Knuckle.
This not only lends it durability during use but also peace of mind that the design coupled with a leading material will ensure continual safe use. Colour variations are available for large quantity orders.

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    Al Play is looking for interested distributers for their products in various areas including but not limited to: The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia Distributers can gladly contact Armand C Basson at for more information