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The Al Play product is a high quality state of the art collapsible aluminium play system developer.
Not simply a jungle gym but an easy no hassle entertaining and developmental play tool.


The Idea of the Al Play jungle gym systems was born from the evident need that a child needs a safe healthy and developmental play area. The Al Play concept has been developed refined and researched continually since the inception of the idea in 2004.
Development was initially focused on the connecting component we like to call the Knuckle, this enables the design to be adapted and changed thus lending the jungle gym a modular component and collapsible structure.
Furthermore the first child safe slide (The Al Play Slide) was designed, the only known slide witch complies with 5 international safety regulations including those of the United States of America and The European Union.

The need to play for a child is not time bound thus other features have been added to the Al Play system to encourage free play. Items such as anodizing of metal surfaces and use of specific materials to decrease surface temperatures for an safer and cooler play area.

It is from this statement that we draw our only and biggest philosophy “Play it Simple” that is not only that but engrained in everything the company and each employee strives for. It is a promise to each and every customer that quality ease of assembly and ease of use is and will always be our first concern.

We invite you to make contact with Al Play systems to see what the benefits for your child may be.

Our Logo

Al Play’s Logo was derived from two main features that ruled in the design of the product namely: Developmental and Playful.

Developmental for the reason that children need to learn through play, thus the Al in the logo’s main element was taken from the periodic table of elements. Emphasising showing not only that the play systems are built from aluminium but also so that children can recognise the element for future learning, secondly inviting others to play with a word play on “All” by displaying the symbol of aluminium depicting Al. This does lend the logo a double meaning as it is intended firstly to be a play system for all and secondly that the play systems are mainly constructed with aluminium.

Secondly Playful, the idea behind any jungle gym or play system is to have fun thus the word “play” was introduced into the logo to make it clear to that play is our focus, not forgetting that through play we can create major developmental advances for a child.

Al Play we believe that play is much more than a waste of time. A child’s work is to play!

Our Slogan "Play It Simple"

The Al Play team uses the slogan as a work, play and developmental philosophy in “Play it Simple”. The Al Play team uses this philosophy to try to make all the products of Al Play as simple as possible to assemble and as simple as possible to use for children, focusing on making the challenges of developmental play simple.


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    Al Play is looking for interested distributers for their products in various areas including but not limited to: The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia Distributers can gladly contact Armand C Basson at for more information