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 Al Play One

The full combination system

Modular Designs

Hub, Swing and Monkey Bar

Al Play Slides

Safe, fun and durable 

Connecting Knuckle

A device used as a connector of pipes multiple industries and uses


Design Benefits

Technological advantages of Al Play One

Child Safety

Various safety registrations that Al Play play systems comply with
  • Safety and Child Development

    The prime objective of this new Al Play Aluminum Modular Jungle Gym is to minimize risk of injury to children and maximize the development of children. Therefore the design of the jungle gym is according to internationally aligned general safety requirements for playground equipment. Global safety standards on house hold jungle gyms form the base of the design, resulted in one of the best designed jungle gyms ever. The testing of the design of the connectors was done in Germany with astonishing positive results. The testing of the design and the jungle gym was done by the South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS) which has accreditation to execute such compliancy tests.

  • Minimum maintenance

    One of the unique characteristics of the jungle gym is that it needs minimum maintenance. For instance there is no need to repaint the jungle gym because all of the main construction metals are treated with a process called anodizing. However this does not exclude your responsibility to do regular routine visual inspections to check for any wear and tear, the functioning and stability of the complete jungle gym set. 

  • Uniqueness and Design Originality

    The Al Play system is a completely net to the market approach to children's play systems. This jungle gym is a fully collapsible aluminium play system, not only new and unique but safe as well. Safety is proven in the numerous safety certifications granted to Al Play. As for uniqueness a “New South African Functional Registered Design Applications in the name of Al Play (Pty) Ltd for the "Slide", "Knuckle cap" and "Knuckle Pipe End" was filed on 22 April 2015 Class 21 Part F. Doing this, we want to protect the uniqueness of this aluminium jungle gym.


Important Information

  • Al Play One is intended for use by children from ages 2 to 12 Adult supervision is required
  • The jungle gym is intended for a maximum of 10 children
  • The Al Play system is almost maintenance free
  • Every Al Play comes with a Skirr water slide included
  • Al Play is a quality product proudly produced in South Africa

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